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Different Types of Shipping Container | LOTUS Containers

LOTUS Containers is one of the top-ranked container supplier company offering a wide spectrum of shipping storage containers to customers across the world. We broadly understand your need and offer tailor-made solutions that suit your requirements perfectly. 


Be it for dry or perishable products, general or liquid cargo, we bring to you boxes that are designed to be used for storage and transportation for years.

Let’s take a deep dive into our fleet


Dry Van: Dry van, also known as the standard container is the most versatile container type used for the shipment of most of the cargoes. It opens at the rear end and has two leaf doors and comes in different dimensions- 20’, 40’, 40 High Cube & 45’ high cube.


Pallet Wide: Pallet wide container is designed in such a way that it can stow three to six euro pallets extra in comparison to standard boxes. 20’, 40’, 40 high cubes, and 45’ high cube pallet wide optimize the carriage and storage space.


Double Door: 20’, 40’, and 20’ high cube double door containers with doors at both ends enable seamless loading and unloading of cargoes. It is ideal for storage as one can keep frequently used goods near to the doors. 


Side Doors: 20’ Side door containers are specifically designed to load wide cargo with greater ease and flexibility. It has sides that can be fully or partially opened to access the wider interior. 


Open Top Container: Open top is the most suitable type for cargoes that needs to be loaded from the top. It has a removable tarpaulin cover and moveable top rail which can be adjusted following the cargo size.

Hard Top Open Top: Unlike open top, these have a removable steel roof that can be removed and kept lean at one of its sides when cargo height protrudes from the height of the box. The removable steel roof and moveable rear top rail enable the container to be loaded from the upside.


Flat Rack Container: 20’ and 40’ flat rack container is purposely designed to carry heavy load cargoes that usually go out of gauge. The two ends are foldable that can either be fixed or removed depending upon the cargo size. 


Platform Container: Platform containers are almost similar to flat racks with the only difference being they can accommodate cargoes that exceed the standard length. 20’ and 40’ platforms are widely used for the shipment of heavy and bulky machinery, automobiles, aircraft, etc. 


Insulated Container: Insulated containers are much more into applications when it comes to temperature-sensitive products. Although they cannot retain temperature but can maintain the temperature for a specific length of time. They come in different dimensions 20’, 40’, and 45’ high cube. 


Reefer: Reefers are refrigerated containers that are high in demand for perishable products or temperature-sensitive products like fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, blood, organ, etc. Unlike insulated boxes, they have inbuilt refrigeration units fixed with a power generator to help them maintain temperature for a long time.


Bulker: Bulker Containers are mostly used for the transportation of unpackaged bulk cargoes such as malt, coffee beans, coal, ore, steel oil, cement. They have hatches at the roof and lower bottom for loading and discharge, respectively. 


Tanker: Tanks are purposely designed for the carriage of liquid and gaseous cargoes ranging from foodstuffs to hazardous chemicals. The loading is done via a central hatch while the same is discharged via a valve outlet at the bottom.


With such a large fleet we delightfully serve our customers with other services as well, whether it is intermodal transportation, leasing, Container depot, or international projects. We have always been an ardent service provider offering multiple solutions under a single roof. 

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